Boxed In Sessions with Custom Themes

If you are looking for a fun session for the family, check out my Boxed In Sessions. These unique images that I create for you are perfect for displaying on a wall, table or special event. I offer a post-session consultation to help you pick out the best print products to suit your needs.

Birthday’s, Graduations & Milestone Boxed In Sessions

Do you have a child’s birthday party coming up, or maybe even an adult milestone? I can customize these Boxed In Sessions to fit any theme from a child’s 6th birthday to 21st, or a senior graduating from High School.

Fall Boxed In Session
Fall Boxed In Session

Team & Club Portraits

Are you in a local club? Bowling Team? Soccer? This a unique way to showcase your team or club. These Boxed In Session can be customized up to 32 boxes per image! You can have your entire team have a turn to get inside the box!

Because these Boxed In Sessions are fast-paced, they can be quite amusing and quirky at times. If you have been trying to get your family together for a formal portrait session, and some of them are just not up for the idea, this is the perfect session for you.

Boxed In Sessions Fun
Christmas Family Boxed In Session

What about adults?

I have been asked quite a bit lately if adults can go in the box or just kids. Of course they can! We can’t let kids have all the fun!

Do I need a ladder to get in the top box?

No ladder needed! Here is a behind the scenes image of the “box” during a session. Each image is unique as we redecorate for each setup. The whole family (& kids) can get involved by picking a few items from my prop collection for the theme and rearrange the decor inside the box. I take 2-5 photos per scene, then we redo the props and start again. The session ends once I have taken the required amount of box poses that were purchased at the beginning of the session.

The "box" for the inside the box session

The gallery will contain images as seen above, plus the finished composite. You can choose from the unedited images for the 4 box holiday card and 3 for the facebook cover. You can also purchase single box images or other composite combinations after the session.

Single Box Image Inside the Box
Single Box Image

Boxed In Sessions – Special Limited Time Offer

Sessions start at $250 and include 1 9 Box Composite Digital image.

For a limited time, these sessions also include a 5×7 printable Holiday Card and Digital Facebook Cover.

5x7 Digital Inside the Box Holiday Card

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