Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints

Heirloom Fine Art Canvas Portrait Prints
Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints

New for 2020, is our premium Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints available in your choice of a canvas wrap or a framed canvas print. You will be blown away by the quality of these pieces. Each canvas is handmade and sealed with the highest quality workmanship.

How the Heirloom Canvas Prints are made.

After the canvas is assembled, each piece is hand-painted with a high-quality sealer. These heirloom canvas fine art prints can be cleaned with Windex and will last for decades. These museum-quality pieces of art so so durable, you can practically eat off them. Check out this man, eating spaghetti off one of the canvases:

Durable Museum Quality Prints

I am so excited to offer premium artwork to my clients this year. These canvases start at $1500 for Wraps and Framed Art pieces. If you are like me and love high quality made in the USA workmanship, I would love to schedule a session with you today. Samples will be arriving soon and I can not wait to share them with you!

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