Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints

Heirloom Fine Art Canvas Portrait Prints
Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints

New for 2020, is our premium Heirloom Canvas Fine Art Prints available in your choice of a canvas wrap or a framed canvas print. You will be blown away by the quality of these pieces. Each canvas is handmade and sealed with the highest quality workmanship.

How the Heirloom Canvas Prints are made.

After the canvas is assembled, each piece is hand-painted with a high-quality sealer. These heirloom canvas fine art prints can be cleaned with Windex and will last for decades. These museum-quality pieces of art so so durable, you can practically eat off them. Check out this man, eating spaghetti off one of the canvases:

Durable Museum Quality Prints

I am so excited to offer premium artwork to my clients this year. These canvases start at $1500 for Wraps and Framed Art pieces. If you are like me and love high quality made in the USA workmanship, I would love to schedule a session with you today. Samples will be arriving soon and I can not wait to share them with you!

High-Quality Modern Style Print Products

I LOVE photography, but what I LOVE even more is creating beautiful memories for families to share and treasure for a lifetime. My clients deserve the best high-quality print products that I can produce for them.

Did you know that there is a HUGE difference in quality between various photo labs? You can have your digital images printed at Walmart, CVS, Costco, and many other retail chains. But how is the quality of those images? Will they be something you will be proud to hang on your wall?

Fine Art Acrylic Prints
Fine Art Acrylic Prints

More to a print than ink and paper

A lot more goes into professional high-quality print products than just ink and paper. Color profiles, careful monitor calibration, and constant tweaking and testing is the only way to get the best quality prints for your home. My clients deserve to showcase the most beautiful images that I can provide them. From gorgeous metal and canvas artwork to simple albums and cards, much research has gone into selecting the best products to suit your needs.

Matte, Glossy & Metallic Prints

One of my favorite finishes for prints is the Metallic print with a luster finish. These prints make colors pop off the paper and create an almost 3d look to them. The lab that I have chosen for my standard matte and metallic prints uses a certified 100-year archival paper and inks. Add a luster finish to these prints to make them fingerprint-free and beautiful for decades.

Fine Art Prints
Fine Art Prints

If you are not into a high gloss finish, I also offer a deep Matte print. These prints lack the shine but not character. Beautiful deep rich colors are carefully printed on a similar high quality 100 Year Archival paper. No matter which finishes you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Canvas Prints

My camera of choice is a full-frame Nikon. What does this mean for you? My high-resolution camera can create quality images that can be enlarged for poster-sized prints. This means you can receive a large canvas, metal or wood prints that display will beautifully on your walls.

Gallery Wrap Collections
Gallery Wrap Collections

The canvas prints come in a choice of a 1.5″ wrap or 2.5″ wrap. The wrap is the amount of the image that wraps around the frame. In other words, the 1.5″ wraps will stand out 1.5″ from your wall, the 2.5″ will stand out 2.5″. Canvas prints are like a work of art for your home. They can be displayed in family rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, offices, and even kids’ rooms.

The variety of sizes makes these prints versatile enough to display on a wall or have a variety of sizes standing on an entry table. Ask about our complimentary custom Gallery Wrap collection design service.

Metal Prints

A vibrant and stylish way to display images from your session. These metal prints will help transform your walls into a personal art gallery. With 22 sizes available, it is easy to mix and match and create an entire gallery.

Metal prints are one option we offer for high quality print products
Metal Pints

These prints have 2 finishing options available: A white base or metal base
The image is printed on the base that you choose. If you love the beauty of raw metal, the metal base will call to you. It allows the natural metal color and texture to come through the image. The white base creates a fresh, bright appearance for a more refined look.

Depending on the size purchased, you can choose to have these mounted with magnets, a metal easel or a float mount. Can’t decide? I can help you design the perfect art piece for your wall at your post-session consultation.

Want something a little fancier, check out the deluxe metal options available:

High Quality Print Products like deluxe metals
Deluxe Metal Prints

Other Options Available

Do you like the rustic look, or maybe sleek and refined? My vast selection of products for your images can curate an exquisite gallery for any home or business location.

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